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The following items are available directly from the offices of Comhar Dún Chaocháin Teo, Ceathrú Thaidhg, Béal an Átha, Co. Mhaigh Eo. We accept cheque only at the present time as we do not have a credit card facility. Orders can be placed by e-mail:

Dún Chaocháin CD ROM (€15 incl P&P)

This outstanding, bilingual CD on placenames gives an insight into the heritage of Dún Chaocháin – a Gaeltacht area in north Co Mayo. Around 1,500 of these are mapped, with accurate accounts and explanations of their origins. Sounds and photographs of the local environment are given, as well as stories and songs. The CD provides a breadth of information - now made available to the widest public - whether for pure enjoyment or research.

Book entitled ‘Placenames and Heritage of Dún Chaocháin’ (€20 incl P&P)

This bilingual book contains a wealth of folklore on the extraordinary heritage, which is everywhere to be seen in the Gaeltacht of Dún Chaocháin, in Co Mayo. Indeed, the publication is a rich source of learning on many aspects of the living culture of the Gaelic race. There are valuable records of rich, oral tradition which is known by the present generation and is now preserved for future generations.


Eriu 1975
By Jim Fitzpatrick 
(C) 1977, Used with Permission.

More Books

  • Siúlóidí Dún Chaocháin walking book (detailing five local walks includingspectacular cliff walks) retails at 5 euro

  • Siúlóidí Iorrais walking book (23 low level circular walks throughout the barony of Erris) retails at 5 euro

  • A variety of local landscape postcards retail at 0.50 cent

If you would like any further information, please contact:

Treasa Ní Ghearraidh

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