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General Aims of the Living Communities

The main objective of the Living Communities, which runs this website, is to facilitate minority culture communities and groups sustainably to contribute to the wider society by promoting (i) social interaction, traditional educational and religious ideals and (ii) action against poverty.  The Living Communities is a not-for-profit body.

The minority Irish culture was a founding culture of Europe and maintains identifiable links to other great cultures.  The economic potential of the culture has yet to be developed.  A way to do this is by building a bridge to countries where Celts and Gaelic Ireland have historic and meaningful links.   Since connections with France and Germany stand out, these are niche markets for the present ecotourism product. 

It goes without saying that everybody is welcome to experience Irish culture.  For example, touristic packages and goods produced in Mayo (northwest Ireland), where the native culture is to be experienced, are offered to English-speakers from the home page of this website.


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