Relax at the Heart of Ireland


The Living Communities is a not-for-profit Irish organization. We currently offer advice to rural
Irish-speaking communities on how to:

  • promote ecotourism, which delivers a

  • rebuild historic cultural bridges between Ireland and Europe;

  • involve visitors in traditional, sustainable farming ways; and

  • bring the generations together, so that new and old ideas can blend, as we look to the future.

Celtic civilization, and indeed Gaelic Ireland in particular, had much influence on European society in olden times.  Especially in France and Germany, many people are well aware of our historical connections to them. In fact, Ireland's great, ancient heritage stretches back unbroken for thousands of years. It belongs, in the first instance, to those for whom the Gaelic culture is a reality in their everyday lives: those who speak the Irish language.

Pioneering activities in ecotourism is only half the story behind this website. The other half is the genuine friendship, which visitors will experience, amongst the people on the very edge of Europe's western seaboard. For there, old links with the real, Gaelic heart of Ireland can be remade. Indeed, anybody, no matter what their culture may be, will wish to come to witness how this social enterpreneurship works.

If your company sees that its mission and ours share compatible goals – perhaps you might wish to sponsor our activities.


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